Console Museum Preview

In a couple of previous posts, I mentioned something I’m working on I call “The Museum.” When I got into game console modifying/collecting, I started planning a way to tastefully display my collection. What I mean is, I’m going for “what a nice collection” over “you have a problem.” I don’t want any visible wires, no unorganized cartridges lying about, and no piles of game systems next to a TV. I only live in a single bedroom apartment at the moment, so whatever I design, has to look good in the living room.

After coming up with a design, I first started on the shelves. The shelves are now built, but the only feature they have so far is keeping things off the floor. When I’m done, the shelves will have a few extra surprises!

Console Museum
The Museum so far. Consoles are on the right, and handhelds are on the left (no door yet).

Part of what makes my collection different is the fact that around half of my consoles have been modified or enhanced in some way. I’ll eventually make a post for every system in my collection, but for now you may notice some suspicious details on some of the systems 😉

Museum Handhelds
3 GameBoys, 2 Game Gears, and a GameBoy Color. Also, I have 2 GameBoy Cameras, a printer, and the Mega Memory Card, which I use to transfer GameBoy Camera pictures to the PC.


Museum Handhelds
Sega Nomad and 2 Dreamcast VMUs on the bottom. I have 3 GameBoy Advances above, including an original GameBoy Advance, a GameBoy Advance SP, and a GameBoy Micro.


Museum Handhelds
On the bottom of this picture I have a DS Lite and a Tapwave Zodiac 1. Above that I have a PSVita and a 3DS XL. They’re not retro, but they’re still excellent systems!


Console Museum
The main cabinet. I haven’t cut holes for the cables yet, so none of the consoles are connected.


Console Museum
The bottom shelf includes Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, and Xbox.


Console Museum
The next shelf up includes PlayStation and Nintendo 64.


Console Museum
This section includes Saturn, and a empty spot where 1 of 3 consoles could go… Hmmm, which one should I get… Above that is Genesis/CD/32X and Super Nintendo Mini.


Console Museum
At the top of the shelf is Atari 7800 and Master System.


Console Museum
I left a large space at the top for… something else 😉


Console Museum
Under the TV I have a Magnavox Odyssey 3000, NES, and Wii. These are not in the cabinet because they will be the only ones not on s-video. The little handheld yellow thing is an Atari Touch Me.


Console Museum
Also, a part of the museum is the ottoman which serves as a place to put your feet, but it also…


Console Museum
…holds most of the controllers! This doesn’t include fight sticks or light guns, as those are stored in a closet for now.


You learn something new everyday, and today I learned that black shelves are hard to photograph.

Anyway, this is still a work in progress, but I’m hoping to get one cool feature finished in the next week or two! Stay tuned!


  1. I know its an old post, but do you have all the systems hooked up or d you move them from the shelf to play them

    1. At the moment, I have to move them to use them. I had plans to add a switchboard, but I have a few more systems, and a flatscreen TV hanging above the one in the pictures. Now the switchboard design has become really complicated, and I need to figure out an easier way before I move on with building it.

      1. Hello Nahte27,
        I came upon your post/blog rather serendipitously, and I’m so very thrilled that I did! Your amazing console setup brought back many great memories from the golden years of gaming, when I was just a hot little gamer-chick with nothing to do all day…nothing but straight school neck-talkin’ fools and show ’em exactly why the queen rules! Hahaha!
        Yeah, I got jokes, but…I did use my coveted skills to annihilate any and all challengers to the throne. Good times, good times…
        Nowadays, (although my hotness seems to only increase by the year) I’ve got little time for gaming. Well, that of which isn’t downloadable from the AppStore.
        Perhaps, after this trip down memory lane, I’ve been inspired, though. It could simply be that my drive to be a hardcore gamer was segued out by the advent of the “Gotta-have-the-next-big-thing” age we live in now.
        The “out with the old…” way of doing things (when what we’ve got is still pretty freakin’ cool) doesn’t seem as if it will change any time soon, either. I offer this oddly chosen quote to punctuate my remark…
        As the great Willy Wonka (r.i.p.Gene Wilder), in all his wisdom once said, “For the rowers keep on rowing… and they’re certainly not showing… any signs that they are slowing.” *Sigh*
        Anyway, thanks for the blast from the past, and keep up the excellent work on the museum!
        Yours truly,
        aka: Karmageddon®™©
        (*gamer tag*)

        P.S. If it’s not too much trouble, as this is an old post, would you consider uploading a more up-to-date set of pics of your collection? Old school gamer geeks like myself would much appreciate it. Thanks, again!

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