Custom Pokèmon Red and Blue themed GameBoy Pockets

Red Blue GameBoy Pocket

It’s the 20th anniversary of Pokèmon this year, and there’s no better time than to revisit the original GameBoy games. I recently picked up a copy of Red, and I found my brother’s copy of Blue, so I decided to make backlit Red and Blue GameBoy Pockets. I gave the Blue GameBoy to him along with his recently discovered copy of Blue for Christmas last year. Here are some pics!

Red Blue GameBoy Pocket

Red Blue GameBoy Pocket

Pokemon Red GameBoy Pocket

Pokemon Blue GameBoy Pocket

Red GameBoy Pocket – ebay

Blue GameBoy Pocket – ebay

I’ve been busy with a new job for the last couple months, but I hope to get back to posing regularly. I still have a revised 32X S-Video mod how-to I’m working on, along with a PlayStation CD player mod, and a PlayStation 3 yellow light of death repair article. Thanks for looking!

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