Gameboy Color Painted and Restored

Custom Gameboy Color

When I started this blog, someone I know donated a Gameboy Color to be added to my collection. I had already tried (and failed) a frontlight mod once before, so I decided to try something different. I loved the looks of the brighter, more colorful custom Gameboy Colors that people have modded, so I wanted to try something like that. Here’s how it turned out!

The Gameboy Color started as a common yellow system with many scratches on the screen. I knew that painting the outside plastic of systems can end in disaster, so I decided to buy a transparent shell, and paint the inside instead. Here’s the transparent shell that I used:

Clear White Crystal Full Housing Shell for Nintendo Gameboy Color

And here is the paint that I used:

Transparent Blue Enamel Paint 3oz Spray Can

FX Fluorescent Green Spray, 3oz

And the buttons I used were from Kitsch Bent. I bought the clear blue, and the clear green.

I started by laying out the front, back, and battery cover of the shell. I sprayed the transparent blue over the bottom of the inside, and the fluorescent green over the top. Coat by coat I started working my way towards the middle, about where the buttons will be.


Custom Gameboy Color
Wow, look at that! Buy one get one multivitamins!!!


Custom Gameoby Color
Ready for surgery.


Gameboy Color
Boring, dirty, and scratched…


Custom Gameboy Color
Without the back half.


Gameboy Color Mod
The screen takes a bit of work to remove, so it’s best to take it slowly.


Gameboy Color Mod
The screen fits in the new case just fine!


Gameboy Color Mod
I took the opportunity to clean the button pads. There was a lot of grit in them.


Custom Gameboy Color
Here it is assembled. The paint on the back and front halves look uniform.


Custom Gameboy Color
Here’s what it looks like with the battery cover and batteries. Looks sharp!


I used rechargeable batteries with the Gameboy Color so that I don’t have to worry about burning through AAs. I use Panasonic Eneloops because they tend to last for a longer number of charge cycles, and they keep their higher voltage longer, which is good for handheld gaming systems. Also, they look good in transparent game systems like this Gameboy Color!

Panasonic Eneloop AA Batteries – Amazon

And here’s the finished product!

Gameboy Color Mod
After trying different button combinations, I went with a green d-pad, and blue A and B buttons. I like the way it turned out!


    1. Sorry about that, it looks like my Amazon links died. I replaced them on this post. For the blue I used Testers Transparent Blue, and for the green I used Testers Fluorescent Green (non-transparent).

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