Nintendo NX is Called The Nintendo Switch! Coming March 2017!


Nintendo Switch

It’s official, the Nintendo NX is called the Nintendo Switch and it’s launching March 2017! A video by Nintendo showed the Switch is definitely a console/handheld hybrid. Check out the video after the break!


So what can we tell from the video? The system uses cartridges which will help with storage and portability. It will probably have shorter loading times as well. This does bring up the question of how much storage the Nintendo Switch has, since it will be more convenient to buy games from the eShop for a portable.

The controller detaches into 2 parts¬†and can apparently be used for 2 player on the go. This is a fantastic idea, as you’re always prepared for multiplayer if you run into a friend while you’re out and about. This is also a great way for Nintendo to spread the word about the Switch!

Overall, I’m excited about this console! All that’s left to see is how this will affect the 3DS line. As far as competition goes, Nintendo has had a near monopoly in the dedicated handheld market, and the Switch offers something completely different than Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

I’m sure there will be more information coming soon, but in the meantime, I’m hyped for the Nintendo Switch!


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