SEGA Nomad 3D Scan

Sega NomadI’ve recently been experimenting with 3D scanning as a way to display my collection, and it’s looking promising so far. I’m still working out the kinks, but I think this one turned out well! I scanned in my SEGA Nomad using over 100 photographs, and then used Autodesk ReMake to assemble and edit the model. Check it out after the break!

Here’s my SEGA Nomad scanned in, edited a bit, then hosted on Sketchfab.

Sega Nomad
by Nahte27
on Sketchfab

I hope to eventually get a better setup to improve the photo quality which should help with the lumpy surfaces. The back of the Nomad appears a bit distorted because most of the light is coming from the front. I’m hoping to get some sort of turntable so I can rotate the object and get cleaner images.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my SEGA Nomad model!

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